*Moms I Like to Photograph!

Moms are beautiful, sexy, strong, amazing, and so much more. Yet the media is constantly trying to bring us down and make us feel like if we don’t fit within their boundaries of what beautiful is, then we aren’t beautiful at all.

Ugh. Isn’t that horrible? Kari & I (Christine) decided it was time to shake things up!

As moms and photographers who have been photographing boudoir sessions for the past several years, we’ve witnessed first hand just how empowering a session with us can be. So many women plan a session as a gift for someone else, but leave realizing it was the best thing that they could have done for themselves.

We want to change lives. We want to create portraits for women that make them appreciate how beautiful they truly, truly are. There are some really amazing women out there, and we can’t wait to get them in front of our cameras!

With that, Kari & I begin the adventure. We can’t wait to meet you along the way!

MILPHS – Moms I Like to Photograph!

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